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22 March 2021 - 25 March 2021
EU-AFD Research Facility on Inequalities - Final Conference

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EU-AFD Research Facility on Inequalities - Final Conference

Sustainable Development Goal 10 (SDG 10) – Reduce inequality within and among countries – is an overarching objective to ensure the transition to sustainable development as set out in Agenda 2030. The current health crisis has made achieving this objective even more challenging. 

In a recent report, the UNDP estimated that the adjusted Human Development Index (HDI) will fall for the first time in 2020. Progress made over the past six years will go into reverse. However, promoting equity in capabilities, particularly in the areas of health, labour and social protection could reduce the impact of this crisis. The closing conference of the Research Facility on Inequalities will thus be particularly timely.

The Research Facility on Inequalities, which was financed by the EU's Development Cooperation Instrument and carried out by the AFD, was designed to deepen the understanding of socio-economic inequalities in low- and middle-income countries and analyse the public policy and development policy levers for reducing them. 23 research projects focused primarily on vertical inequalities while exploring various themes such as health, education, taxation, and access to essential services. These projects were conducted jointly with research centres around the world in coordination with partner governments and development cooperation institutions. This Conference will be an opportunity to share the results of the Facility’s studies and draw conclusions and make recommendations for public policy.

Partner researchers, academic experts and political decision-makers will exchange views on these results and in particular discuss implementation of policies that can contribute to the reduction of inequalities. The Conference will also be an opportunity to highlight other initiatives around the topic of inequality and officially kick off the Facility Extension. The second phase of the Facility will focus on moving from research results to policy and impacts by supporting four predefined countries for five years in the fight against inequalities through the definition and implementation of public policies.