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22 March 2021 - 25 March 2021
EU-AFD Research Facility on Inequalities - Final Conference

The Conference will take place online over four days with timings adapted to the diverse timelines of our audience and speakers. We shall set up a webpage that allows participants to connect and follow each session, navigate between parallel sessions, ask written questions, discuss and network. Participants will have the possibility to follow the sessions in EN and FR (simultaneous interpretation will be foreseen). The programme will alternate between plenaries, parallel sessions and videos. 

The two plenaries will bring together high-level policy makers, as well as prominent representatives of academia, international institutions and civil society. The opening plenary will be dedicated to setting the scene on the place of inequalities in development cooperation, especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

  • You missed the "Keynote speeches and High-level Panel on Inequalities in a world in crisis", watch it here: 

The results of the projects funded by the Facility will be presented in the parallel sessions, introduced by eminent researchers and discussed by invited speakers from partner institutions.   

  • You missed the "African Inequalities" session, watch it here: 

  • You missed the "Climate change, natural resources and inequality" session, watch it here: 

  • You missed the "Tools' session, watch it here: 

  • You missed the "Inequality drivers" session, watch it here: 

  • You missed the "Release of short videos with testimonies from the country projects", watch it here: 

  • You missed the "Public and private services" session, watch it here: 

  • You missed the "Spatial inequalities " session, watch it here: 

A summary of the exchanges from the parallel sessions will be presented in the closing session, which will focus on the political economy of inequality reduction. This session will be an opportunity to discuss not only what has worked and what has not in terms of policies to reduce inequalities, but also to reflect on the barriers in implementing these policies. These discussions will feed into the implementation of the Extension of the Research Facility, which will be presented in this panel. 

  • You missed the Closing panel discussion, watch it here: 
The final conference of the EU-AFD Research Facility on Inequalities demonstrates the commitment of the European Commission and AFD to better understand inequalities in order to reduce them.This approach has also made it possible to bring together other donors, international organizations, NGOs and research actors.